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by Les Bell -

You may notice some new courses and features here, as of mid-2022. First, there's a new weekly blog posting of security news - I write this as I survey each morning's goings-on in the infosec world, some of which I will use to update the CISSP Fast Track Review course notes wiki. Where appropriate, the stories also contain direct links into that wiki; this helps to provide background and contextual information, as well as making study easier and more relevant.

I also do occasional talks on a baseline approach to security for small and medium enterprises, and a new 'course' provides additional detail for people who want to follow up on the ideas in that talk. Guest access (via the button on the login page) is required to view the materials, but a registered account on the site is required to do the self-assessment tasks.

There's also a new area - the Cybersecurity Watering Hole - which provides social and non-course forums and other services for our course attendees. This is where we organise get-togethers, advertise and look for jobs and services, etc. If you've attended one of our courses, you'll have access to this area.

There are more changes in the wind - a new look, migration to a new server and some other updates - and these will be announced here in due course.

Available courses

This is not really a course - rather, it is a general area for discussion between attendees in a number of courses, together with certain other non-attendees (e.g. employers and recruiters).

This is the support area for our CISSP Fast Track Review course. It is continually updated and revised with new content, and is organised in accordance with the last update to the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge.

This course area provides detailed information to accompany a short talk we can provide for associations, clubs and groups interested in cybersecurity for small business. (At least Guest Access required)