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The Certified Information Systems Security Professional designation is the "gold standard" in professional security certifications. It confirms that the holder has several years' experience in two or more security-related domains and has passed a rigorous six-hour examination.

Who Is the Presenter?

Les Bell has over 30 years experience in information security as a developer, administrator, consultant and lecturer. Les is currently an Adjunct Lecturer in Cryptography and Information Security at Macquarie University and is on the staff of the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub. Attendee evaluations consistently rate Les as a highly engaging and very knowledgeable speaker.

Who Should Attend?
This course is specifically designed to assist candidates for the CISSP exam to review their knowledge. The candidate should already have several years' experience in one or more of the domains listed below, and may have commenced study in the other domains. Each domain of the Common Body of Knowledge is reviewed in depth.

How You Will Learn
The core of the course is a 5-day instructor-led seminar in which the key concepts of information security are reviewed with case studies, war stories, examples and open discussion of real-life problems and issues. There are ample opportunities to ask questions, and lunch and coffee breaks are usually fairly intense, too.

But the learning does not stop there, since we realize that attendees may take some time to prepare for the exam. The course has been redesigned in the light of the latest research in educational psychology, and employs unique blended learning strategies to ensure deeper and more durable learning.

The traditional course notes have been replaced by online resources - a web site and mobile app - which allow for self-paced revision and exam preparation. The core of the material is a wiki of over 300 pages of detailed content and external links to news stories, academic papers, textbooks and other references. The online slides - constantly updated - link into the wiki, making it easy to 'drill down' for supporting detail.

Multiple self-test quizzes allow self-assessment. The questions now provide detailed feedback and also link into the wiki, allowing immediate follow-up. Finally, a discussion forum allows attendees to ask questions well after the course.

The mobile app (for Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft phones) allows the course materials to be used in any location, and much of the content can be used off-line.

What You Will Learn
In addition to the core course content, attendees will learn useful exam technique and study review techniques. You will also have the opportunity to discuss issues with other security professionals. Your learning continues after the course - the course is backed by an e-learning server which provides discussion forums, wikis, access to updated course materials and other resources.

Course Outline


Security and Risk Management

Asset Security

Day 2

Security Engineering

Day 3

Security in the Software Development Life Cycle


Day 4

Communications and Network Security

Identity and Access Management


Day 5

Security Assessment and Testing

Security Operations